4 Reasons to Consider Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning

4 Reasons to Consider Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning

Having good oral health is something that many people take for granted. You should appreciate your teeth and make sure that they are healthy for as long as possible. Visiting your Axial Dental professional dentist near you at least twice a year for a dental exam and cleaning of your teeth can help preserve your oral health and increase the lifetime of your teeth. It also lowers the risk of developing cavities as well as other problems that may become bigger issues in the future.

It helps you save money

Getting a dental examination as well as a teeth cleaning biannually keeps issues like a tooth decay as well as gum disease from worsening without dental treatment from a dentist in Holly Springs, NC. Preventative dentistry is much more cost-effective than having to repair teeth that have been damaged.

It helps remove plaque and tartar

Tarter as well as plaque give bacteria somewhere to breed in your mouth and multiply, causing problems. When the bacteria, plaque, or tartar accumulate under the gums or between teeth this can cause gingivitis. A Holly Springs dentist can prevent this disease from developing with preventative treatment.

It helps prevent gum disease

As stated above, plaque and tartar as well as the bacteria that accumulates in the mouth under the gums in between the teeth can cause periodontal disease. Without proper cleaning by a professional dentist in 27540, bacteria will continue to multiply, and your oral health will be put at risk.

It helps boost your overall oral health status

Your dentist will be able to detect diseases with just a simple examination of your mouth. Even diseases that do not have to do with teeth or gums, such as heart disease or diabetes. For example, patients with diabetes are more likely to have problems with cavities then individuals without diabetes. Oral cancer can also be detected during routine examinations to make sure that you can get the earliest treatment possible.

Speak with one of our dental professionals at Axial Dental if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a routine examination and cleaning to keep your health pristine.