Children with Special Needs Can Benefit from Pediatric Dentistry

Children with Special Needs Can Benefit from Pediatric Dentistry

Routine dental care is needed by all children but some children that have special needs are at a higher risk of tooth decay, oral trauma, and gum disease. Their special care needs include different types of emotional, behavioral, mental, sensory, cognitive or developmental limiting condition or impairment that requires specialized services in the field of medical management or healthcare intervention. If your child has a condition that is congenital or developmental you must ensure the child receives proper dental care because it is crucial for his or her overall health.

The Challenges Faced by Children With Special Needs

Children with special needs often have a sensitivity to their oral cavity. It becomes necessary for the parents of the child to work with an experienced pediatric dentist to meet the challenges of the child with changes in their oral structure and problems with feeding. Some children with special needs have difficulties opening their mouth making it challenging for them to brush and floss properly. Children with sensory problems are averse to the sensitivity caused by toothpaste in their mouth. Some children have a diet that is high in sugars that are a potential reason for cavities. These children will find help from the Holly Springs dentist near you who is prepared to become their therapeutic partner to prepare the child to meet his or her long-term health care needs.

Children with Special Care Needs Require Acclimatization With the Dentist

Children irrespective of whether they need special care or not have a difficult time acclimatizing to the dentist during the first visit. The problem is compounded further when the child needs special care. Working with the pediatric dentist in Holly Springs, NC, can help parents to create a program that will help to cater to the child’s specific mental, emotional and physical requirements.

The dentist in Holly Springs, NC, will suggest that the child be brought to the dental office for a playtime visit to help them get accustomed to the atmosphere. The parents can stay with the child to help him or her become comfortable. A visit to the dental room will also be suggested as a great step. The child can begin playing in the waiting area before entering the dental room to make a transition. The parents can discuss with the child about oral health and how care must be provided to the teeth and gums. Dental assistants may participate in the discussion by showing the child different dental instruments as well as explaining them. As a child becomes comfortable with the atmosphere a dental exam can be conducted along with a cleaning. The pediatric dentist will be looking for cues from the child and if he or she determines that the appointment is becoming difficult for the child to handle it will be stopped and another appointment scheduled.

Sedation Dentistry May Be Considered As an Option

Children with special needs that are anxious and also have sensory challenges will benefit from sedation or sleep dentistry. It will offer the best experience for the parents as well as the child because the dentist will be able to perform the dental care needed for the well-being and overall health of the child. Parents must discuss sedation dentistry with the pediatric dentist to understand whether it is suitable for their child.

Visiting a pediatric dentist with children is always a challenge but the need for routine dental care cannot be negated. Children with special needs are at a higher risk of many oral problems and the pediatric dentist in Holly Springs, NC, will work with the parents as well as the child to prevent any dental problems before they occur. The dentist loves watching all children grow up with healthy smiles and suggests parents question them if they have any reason or concerns about their child’s special needs and the dental care they are receiving. They are willing to participate in discussions to create a program that will be helpful and specialized for children with special needs.

Parents of children with special needs no longer have to worry about the dental health of their children. They can confidently contact pediatric dentistry in Holly Springs, NC, with the knowledge that they will be provided with a comprehensive specialized program to deal with the special needs of their child.