Dental Crowns Can Fix Different Kinds of Mouth And Tooth Problems

Dental Crowns Can Fix Different Kinds of Mouth And Tooth Problems

When you have problems with your tooth and mouth and are making attempts to fix the problems you would want to understand how you can do so from the Holly Springs dentist near you. You may not have understood what crowns are like many people despite the common nature of this procedure. You may even be frightened or intimidated by the prospect of having crowns restored.

Dental crowns are not scary but are vital for your teeth. The procedure for dental crown placement is straightforward and logical. Most importantly, they can perform important functions for the health of your teeth and mouth. Here is everything you want to know about crowns and why you should consider them if they are a requirement for you.

Dental Crowns Explained

Dental crowns can be described as fixed prosthetics developed to restore a damaged tooth to its original condition. They are permanently bonded to extensively decayed, cracked or damaged teeth. Sometimes they may be extended down to the root surface they are essentially beneficial to replace the outer aspect of the crown part of a natural tooth. Therefore, it makes sense to call these restorations like crowns.

When bonded to the tooth the portion of the damaged tooth is fully encased by the crown that is positioned above the gum line. Crowns are custom designed to fit over each tooth and can be made from different types of materials including porcelain and metal, gold, ceramics, or resin.

When Are Dental Crowns Beneficial?

Dentist 25740 will install crowns for performing many important functions. They can prevent cracked teeth from breaking further, support teeth with large fillings, protect weak teeth, and restore broken teeth. Different types of crowns can also be used to hold dental bridges in position. In all the cases mentioned the crown can support or replace the structure that can no longer function by itself.

Dental crowns are an effective solution when teeth are badly damaged, misshapen, cracked, or broken. They can restore the shape, appearance, and alignment of a damaged tooth. When the crown is bonded in place it is the only visible part of the tooth. They are made to appear like natural teeth and therefore will not stand out or appear out of place in the mouth.

The Functioning of Dental Crowns

The dentist in Holly Springs NC will explain that crowns fit on the teeth similar to the way sewing thimbles fit on the fingertips as they are placed on the top of the tooth to protect what’s beneath it. They are cemented in place and act as a fresh top for a tooth to hold it together and prevent it from breaking.

Crowns are made from highly resilient and durable material. They are customized to endure the trauma of chewing as effectively as the rest of your teeth. You must consider a crown as the visible portion of your tooth. When the dentist offering dental crowns in Holly Springs, NC cements them to your damaged tooth they essentially become a part of that particular tooth.

The Procedure For Installing Crowns

The dental crowns specialist in Holly Springs, NC will apply an anesthetic to the tooth that will be the recipient of the crown and the surrounding gum tissue. A dental drill and an abrasive bur will then be used to remove the outer surface of the tooth from all sides including the top for creating sufficient space for the crown to be placed. The dentist may decide to add a crown buildup for creating a solid foundation for the crown to sit if an insufficient tooth is available to support the crown. The dentist will make an impression of the tooth by using different methods and send it to the dental laboratory for the crown to be developed.

The dental laboratory needs about two weeks to prepare the crown after it receives the impression from the dentist. The meanwhile your dentist will provide you with a temporary crown to cover the tooth. You will be required to schedule a second appointment with your dentist when the permanent crowns arrive. At that time, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and the new arrival will be adjusted to properly fit your tooth and bite. Dental cement will be used to affix the crown to the teeth. The curing of the cement will ensure that the crown is firmly attached to the tooth.

Crowns are important for restoring and maintaining the structural integrity of your mouth. If you believe you need crowns in your mouth or are suffering from any other dental problem you are recommended to call the dentist in Holly Springs, NC right away and schedule an appointment to evaluate your condition.