Ni- Prevent Tooth Decay from Childhood

Ni- Prevent Tooth Decay from Childhood

The visit to the dentist for a child should start as early as age of one. The dentist will not only guide the parent for proper brushing and flossing techniques but will also detect problems early and give correct therapeutic guidance. Also, the child gets used to visiting the dentist and will have a comfortable experience when they grow up. Pediatric Dentist is trained to deal with a wide range of gum-related issues and can timely guide you to an Orthodontist or Oral surgeon for corrective measures. If you are looking for Pediatric Dentists in Holly Springs, NC then Axial Dental is the answer for you.

The most common childhood problem is of tooth decay or also called Dental caries. If they have cavities, then primarily poor oral hygiene and sugar-filled diets are the cause. Cavities can be extremely painful and if left untreated can cause serious periodontitis. Make sure that the child maintains good oral hygiene, brushes teeth twice a day, visits the dentist regularly and eats a nutrient-filled diet.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay?

  • Teach your child to brush and floss twice every day.
  • Give less of juices and sugary food
  • Discontinue the use of bottles especially just before sleep as they ferment bacteria in the mouth of a child.
  • Provide the baby with healthy food and more water and milk instead of sugary or preserved foods.

Symptoms of Cavities:

  • Toothaches or pain in gum areas
  • Waking and crying during the night
  • Increased sensitivity to cold or hot foods or drinks
  • Increased sensitivity to spicy foods

If your child experiences any of these symptoms, visit a dentist immediately not only to treat the issue but to curb it from getting worse. For a complete family dentist in 27540, visit Axial Dental.

How to prevent cavities at home?

Apart from visiting the dentist every 6 months, steps should be followed at home to avoid cavities.

  • Keep a check on diet. Sugary and Starchy foods aid the formation of cavities. Avoid giving soda, processed food or sticky extra sweet products like a raisin as they attack the tooth. Instead give more water, milk and natural foods. Instead of juices, give them the fruit to eat coz it is not only more nutritious but also stops the formation of bacteria in teeth.
  • Have regular intervals between the meals. Constant snacking exposes the teeth to sugar and ferments oral bacteria at a great speed. The meals should be timed and the water intake should be adequate between the meals.
  • Avoid Bottles after age 1. The child should be transited from bottles to cups as the constant contact with sugar agitates the growth of bacteria which leads to early tooth decay.
  • Rinse pacifiers and teething toys. These must be thoroughly rinsed with water at regular intervals to prevent contamination of bacteria. Neither should the pacifiers be dipped in honey and provided. Instead, provide an alternative like a toy to pacify the child.
  • Give only water at bedtime. Meals should be done with at least an hour before bed in infants. And after brushing only water should be given as it stops bacteria fermentation.
  • Guide your child about healthy oral hygiene. Till the age of seven, a child should be guided in brushing and flossing the teeth twice a day. As they may consume toothpaste which raises the sugar content in a child. Also, correct levels of fluoride strengthen the tooth enamel and keep cavities at bay. Your pediatric dentist will guide you on how to measure correct fluoride levels in a child.

Pediatric Dentist is trained to take care of any problems related to kids’ oral health. They not only take care of the physical needs but also provide an emotionally comfortable set up for the kids. If you are looking for a Dentist in Holly Springs, NC, visit Axial dental for a complete tooth care experience. This Holly Springs Dentist near youprovides treatment considering your well being in top priority in comfortable and affordable experience.