Preventive Dentistry Can Help You to Avoid Serious Infections

Preventive Dentistry Can Help You to Avoid Serious Infections

What would you do if you wake up in the middle of the night with a throbbing pain in your teeth and look in the mirror to see what’s wrong? You may see some swelling on your face with pain throbbing all over leaving you wondering how it has happened. You may even consider whether there was anything you could have done to prevent it. These thoughts will keep running in your mind until you head to the dentist to understand what’s wrong with your mouth.

Many reasons exist for you to develop a dental infection. The source of the infection may be simple like some food trapped between your teeth and gums, untreated gum disease, a deep cavity that needs filling or even a procedure like wisdom teeth extraction. Regardless of the cause, after an infection has taken hold it is important procedure appropriate care from the dentist in Holly Springs, NC to ensure the infection is contained and not allowed to spread.

How Dental Infections Can Be Reduced with Preventive Dentistry

Most infections are entirely avoidable like accidents or long-term lack of dental care. However, food particles stuck between your teeth can easily be avoided with regular dental care from preventive dentistry near me and following up on any recommended dental treatments. These infections are generally caused by untreated tooth decay due to negligence or ignorance on your part. You may be putting off the treatment believing it is not urgent and would have left the bacteria to infect the nerve system of the root. The dentist in Holly Springs, NC, could easily have detected tooth decay in its early stages and prevented the infection with the teeth promptly. While no one wants to develop infections with their teeth addressing issues when they develop is the most reliable way to prevent infections from happening. Dental anxiety is unlikely to mount with preventive dentistry and early treatment if any concerns often infection are detected.

Preventing a Dental Infection Is Better Than Treating It

Allowing decay to grow in your mouth without treatment not only puts you at risk of infection but can also have an impact on your wallet. After the decay gets to your nerve end it would have expanded from a simple filling to a root canal as well as a filling to cover the access hole along with a crown to protect the tooth from fractures. You may be tempted to have the tooth removed when you are recommended a root canal but what would you do with the gaps created by the extracted tooth?

Replacing the tooth will require either a dental implant or bridge that will require you to shell out thousands of dollars. The replacement options will sound much worse than having a filling from the Holly Springs dentist near me which would have cost just a couple of hundred dollars.

What Can You Do to Prevent Dental Infections?

It is particularly important to maintain good oral health as suggested by preventive dentistry in Holly Springs, NC, to keep your mouth free from infections. You just need to keep the basics in mind to keep your body free from infections.

  • Look out for the early warning signs of dental infection where pain and swelling are the common indicators.
  • Consider any swelling seriously especially if you have not undergone any recent surgery. If you cannot reach your dentist in the middle of the night you may benefit by contacting urgent care to let them guide you on the need to make a trip to the hospital.
  • Visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning, x-rays, and exam. These visits will help the dentist to detect problems in the early stages before they assume larger proportions.
  • If your dentist recommends dental care follow-up with him or her because dealing with dental issues early on preventing them from becoming big and expensive.
  • Follow the instructions provided by your dentist after any treatment to avoid the risks of infections setting in.

You do not have to be scared or anxious about visiting your dentist for a routine exam and check-up because it will just be a preventive measure you are taking to avoid infections. It will help the dentist to detect an untreated cavity that can lead to a root canal or even oral cancer. Preventing serious infections is the job of preventive dentistry and having your dental checkups regularly can help you to avoid the infections as well as the expenses.