Tooth Extractions in Holly Springs, NC

Why Sometimes a Tooth Extraction is an Answer

At Axial Dental in Holly Springs, NC, we work hard to heal any damaged or decayed natural tooth, but that isn’t always the perfect or most viable option. Sometimes a tooth extraction is the best choice under certain circumstances.

Here are a few of the most common reasons a tooth extraction can be the most rapid and cost-effective solution:


An infected tooth can kill the tooth’s nerve rapidly, not giving any sign that there’s something wrong. Usually, tooth decay that penetrates to the nerve is excruciating, but sometimes there’s no warning. The infection sets up shop and forms an abscess that can make a tunnel (fistula) the allows pus to drain into the mouth or even through the jaw. This can be dangerous. All infections of the teeth are serious. Oral infections spread rapidly and destroy gums, other teeth, and can infect and destroy the bones of the mouth and face, including the jawbone. Sometimes the infection is too advanced for a root canal procedure. In these cases, extracting the tooth, cleaning out the decaying material and oral antibiotics is the way to go.

Severe Unremitting Pain

A badly decayed, infected, cracked or damaged tooth can cause excruciating pain. Some patients prefer to have the tooth extracted immediately rather than take time for a longer treatment path. It’s true that in many instances, tooth extraction gives immediate pain relief and begins the healing process immediately.

A Heavily Damaged or Shattered Tooth

At Axial Dental in Holly Springs, NC, we sometimes see teeth that have been shattered and are in fragments. This is usually a result of facial injury, like a fall or sports accident. We will X-ray the tooth and surrounding tissues to see if the roots are damaged or if the tooth is like to come out in fragments. If so, removing the tooth and suturing lacerated gums provides an excellent basis for healing the mouth and gums. A dental implant or bridge can take the place of the lost tooth after initial healing is complete.

We provide a complete array of sedation options to make sure you don’t experience any discomfort while we treat you. At Axial Dental in Holly Springs, NC, we know teeth, and we know you’ll love our services. Book an appointment with us today.

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