Know About Root Canals in Holly Springs, NC

While commonly cited as a particularly uncomfortable orthodontic procedure, root canals are an excellent method for restoring health to infected teeth. The term ‘root canal’ itself is a common term for a mode of treatment known as endodontic therapy, a practice which deals with restoring health to the inner portions of our teeth. The lower portion of our teeth contains a natural cavity, which should it become infected requires a root canal to be cured.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure during which an orthodontist accesses, cleans out and disinfects the inner portion of a tooth in order to remove a painful infection. An orthodontist will use specialized equipment during the procedure to remove all of the affected material, fill the tooth cavity with an epoxy, and place a crown on top of the tooth to seal the tooth cavity from further infection.

What are contributing factors to needing a root canal?

The need for a root canal can stem from many reasons. In some cases, poor dental hygiene can allow bacteria to infect the interior of a tooth causing pain and severe tooth decay. In other cases, teeth can become cracked or chipped – opening a pathway for bacteria to enter the tooth cavity.

Will there be lasting effects after a root canal?

The vast majority of root canals allow a patient to prevent total loss of a tooth with perfect success, but it is important to choose a qualified and experienced orthodontist to perform the procedure. In cases where the orthodontist is not sufficiently thorough some infected material may remain in the tooth following the operation, allowing the infection to return and further afflict the tooth. Additionally, if an orthodontist is not careful in fitting the appropriate crown on the tooth following the procedure, bacteria may enter through the sides of the crown and cause reinfection.

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