Opt for Teeth Whitening in Holly Springs, NC

Every person in Holly Springs deserves a beautiful smile full of pearly-white teeth. This is our personal goal and mission for all of our clients. Whether it requires properly aligning the teeth first or not, if you haven’t had your teeth professionally whitened, chances are, you would prefer to be a few shades brighter.

Thankfully, here at Axial Dental, we have exactly what you need to professionally whiten your teeth safely and quickly. Don’t settle for store-bought whitening kits that can damage your teeth while failing to provide you with the brightest white that you deserve.

Whitening Procedures Compared

One of the most common ways that people are choosing to whiten their teeth today are through store-bought whitening strips and whitening toothpaste. We want to bring to light exactly why professional whitening leaves those options in the dust when it comes to safety and effectiveness.

Whitening Strips:

While many people who have used whitening strips report that their teeth do indeed become a few shades brighter, an alarming number of users also report that they experience a heightened level of sensitivity following the use of the strips for years. This sensitivity becomes extremely painful while eating cold or hot foods for some users. Whitening strips are apparently often misused by the people who purchase them, leading to long-lasting sensitivity.

Whitening Toothpaste:

While some whitening toothpaste contains effective whitening agents that can be used safely, some are made with a gritty substance that can wear down your natural enamel, which can’t be recovered. Even for the safe pastes, they are far less effective than a professional cleaning because of the application method and time in contact with the teeth.

What Makes Professional Whitening the Best Option

What sets professional whitening apart from the competition is mainly two things. The first being that it is overseen by a dental professional at Axial Dental who will ensure that your teeth are safe and stay in contact with the whitening solution for the right amount of time without damaging the enamel. The second thing that makes professional whitening more effective is that the application method of gel or foam reach every bit of surface area of your teeth and stay in contact with it for the right amount of time. If you live in Holly Springs, contact Axial Dental for more information about teeth whitening.

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