Signs That You Need a Root Canal

Signs That You Need a Root Canal

You cannot monitor your eating habits at all times of the day. Junk food can be tempting but excess of its consumption can lead to damaged teeth. Once your teeth get damaged, it can lead to tooth loss or tooth decay. But what’s the recourse?

A root canal is a treatment that is used by the dentists for repairing or saving you tooth from infection further decay. It is performed when the pulp inside the tooth gets damaged. To save the tooth from further damage or decay, the dentist removes the pulp, cleanses the tooth from inside and seals it at the end of the procedure.

If you are afraid that the root canal will be painful, rest assured. It can be painful but not too much. The procedure is easy. It is the entire episode of struggling with the infection or tooth decay that is more painful than the treatment itself. You can find a dentist in 27540, who provides root canal treatment.

You might have certain queries about the root canal. Dentists at Axial Dental answer some commonly asked questions by the patients:

What leads to Root canals?

Different causes of root canals are listed as follows:

  • Decay: You might need a root canal if you have tooth decay that starts piercing the external layer of your teeth.
  • Damage: If there are cracks in your teeth, they can cause pain and you might need root canal treatment.
  • Disease: Tooth pulp is prone to several kinds of infection. If you experience severe pain in your teeth, it can be due to the infected or decayed tooth pulp. In such cases, holly springs dentist will recommend you a root canal.

How do you infer that you may need a root canal?

Whether you need a root canal or not, can be inferred by you form the followings signs:

  • If you experience severe pain in your teeth while chewing food, or when you put even a slight pressure in that specific area, you may need a root canal.
  • If you experience pain in your teeth after coming in contact with the hot or cold stuff. This pain can also cause sensitivity.
  • If you spot a structure or outgrowth on the gums that resembles a pimple and causes pain in the teeth.
  • If your tooth starts losing its colour and turns darker gradually without any specific reason.
  • If you notice swollen gums that could be a source of teeth pain.

Is the root canal treatment expensive or affordable?

You can find the root canal to be expensive if you have never had it before. But it is less expensive than dental implants. Generally a dentist in Holly Springs, NC charges between $350 to $520. It depends a lot on certain factors like the dentist you choose or the severity of your disease. If you want an affordable treatment, book an appointment with Axial Dental. Engaging their services will not burn a hole in your pocket.

What is the procedure of getting a root canal?

Root canal treatment includes several stages. These stages are mentioned as follows:

  • Dentist sets the scene: Your dentist conducts x-rays to assess the situation and find out how far it had spread.
  • Numbing up: Dentist administers a sedative to the patient numb the area that prevents the brain from registering the pain. A rubber dam is placed around the tooth to keep the area dry.
  • Diving in: Your dental professional will drill a hole into the tooth to gain access. With the help of a special set of tools, he will remove the damaged pulp tissue.
  • Sealing the tooth: Once the damages pulp has been removed, the dentist cleans the respective tooth. He either seals the tooth then and there or puts in filling for the time bring until your dental crown is ready. Once it has been done, he places filling in the hole through which he gained access to the pulp.
  • In the end, your dentist either places a dental crown, filling or seals the tooth completely.

Now that you are acquainted with the procedure, you can look for holly springs dentist near you that provide root canal therapy.

Book a consultation with Axial Dental. They provide root canal in Holly Springs, NC. You can trust the dental professionals there and be assured that you are being treated by experienced dentists who specialize in the task.