What To Expect If You Need A Dental Filling

What To Expect If You Need A Dental Filling

You have a cavity that needs a dental filling. The next thing you do is Google “dentist near me” so you know who’s available in your area and whether or not they can get you in as soon as possible. Yes, cavities can strike without warning. You can feel pain that may be associated with it or won’t feel any pain at all. Either way, it is not smart to leave it untreated. A cavity that gets worse will lead to a tooth infection and in turn, killing the tooth itself. That’s why Axial Dental, your dentist in the Holly Springs, NC area will work to ensure that the cavity is taken care of with a dental filling

How Does A Dental Filling Work?

If you have a decayed tooth, a dental filling will likely be needed depending on the severity of the cavity. The purpose of the filling is to restore the tooth back to its form and function. Cavities that can easily be filled are usually small or medium in size. If the cavity is large in size, a dental crown may be required. After a period of time, you’ll forget that you have a filling and the tooth will function as normal.

You can expect the procedure to last you about an hour. That should give your dentist enough time to take x-rays, discuss the procedure itself, and fill the tooth. To ensure that there is no discomfort or pain during the procedure, the dentist will numb the area where the affected tooth is located. Next, the dentist will remove the decay from your tooth and thoroughly clean it. Next, a blend of plastic and glass that comprises of a dental composite will be layered to ensure that it looks like a tooth-colored filling. Once the composite is in place, your dentist will harden, shape, and polish the filling.

Is The Process Painful?

Short answer: no. Since part of your mouth will be numbed, you won’t feel any pain. However, if you have a low threshold of pain or the idea of drills being used intimidates you, sedation dentistry is available upon request. We will apply nitrous oxide gas to ensure that you are calm and relaxed prior to the procedure itself.


If you have a cavity, know that there is a dentist near you that will be able to take care of it. If you’re looking for a dentist in Holly Springs or a dentist in the 27540 area for a dental filling, look no further than Axial Dental. To set up an appointment, contact our office today.