When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

You have a toothache. In a panic, you Google “dentist near me”. You want to schedule an appointment with a dentist near you so you can see what is wrong. When you are examined by the dentist, you will have options on how the tooth will be treated. Sometimes, the tooth may be bad enough to warrant a tooth extraction.

An extraction is necessary when a certain dental situation warrants it. This often happens when you want your wisdom teeth removed as they are more likely to come in at an awkward angle or if there is no need for them at all. At the same time, an extraction may be needed if a tooth that is badly decayed cannot be saved. Axial Dental, your dentist in Holly Springs, NC offers this service to those who may need a tooth or teeth pulled.

Why An Extraction Is Necessary?

There are certain dental conditions that may require an extraction. The include as follows:

Wisdom Teeth

Some people will need their wisdom teeth removed. And some won’t need them removed. However, if your mouth has no room for extra teeth, then you don’t have a choice. You’ll need to extract them so you won’t have to deal with any other dental problems down the road. Any wisdom teeth that come in appear at an awkward angle. At the same time, they can cause the other teeth to shift and crowd. If the wisdom teeth are impacted and remain below the gums, then a surgical extraction will be needed.

Severe Decay

If you have a decayed tooth, there’s a good chance that it may need to be extracted. That depends on the condition of the tooth itself. However, it can be decayed to the point where it cannot be saved with any other procedure. An extraction will be needed to ensure that the infection will not spread further into the bone.

Periodontal Disease

This is a serious form of gum disease that will cause the gums to recede and break down the bone underneath. At some point, it can lead to tooth loss. However, an extraction can mitigate it. At the same time, this type of gum disease is impossible to reverse. Once the tooth is extracted, your dentist will also consider procedures to stop gum disease from getting worse.

Benefits Of A Tooth Extraction

Less Pain: This is a benefit for those who have dealt with a toothache prior to its extraction. Once the tooth is pulled, you will deal with less pain or none at all.

Stops The Spread Of Infection: One tooth is like a bad apple. It can affect the rest of them if you don’t treat it. In fact, the infection can spread not just to other teeth, but can also spread to your jaw and cause all kinds of problems.

An Opportunity To Reverse Damage: Just because a tooth is extracted, doesn’t mean it ends there. You can be able to replace the tooth through the use of dental bridges or implants.


If you believe that you need a tooth extraction and need to see a dentist in the 27540 area, don’t wait until things get worse. Please contact Axial Dental, your dentist in Holly Springs to setup an appointment today so you can get in as soon as possible.