Dental Bridges in Holly Springs, NC

Dental bridges are the underdogs of dentistry. Pulling all of the real weight, bridges can help us give back winning smiles, restore the ability to eat, and give patients confidence and ease of mind.

At Axial Dental in Holly Springs, we understand the importance of dental bridges and never take them for granted. We use bridges to not only close the gap between teeth but between today and your brighter future.

What Can Dental Bridges Do?

Dental bridges are very versatile and can be used to solve a number of dental issues. Bridges can give you back your confident smile by bridging the space between missing teeth. Since a bridge is made up of two crowns on either side and a false tooth in the middle, it allows for the continuous look of healthy teeth.

Bridges can also help with alignment which ultimately can have a positive effect on your ability to chew and even speak. When teeth are improperly aligned, they can cause a shift of your jawline as you try to chew or speak to accommodate the new positioning. This can often be painful or simply annoying. Placing a bridge can realign the problematic tooth and keep from anymore shifting.

The Types Of Dental Bridges

There are several types of bridges that are called upon to do the heavy lifting. Choosing the right type of dental bridge for you depends on the need for bridges and personal preference.

The traditional bridge is the most common type of bridge. This type consists of the two crowns and the pontic (false tooth) in the middle. The cantilever bridge is used less often and is only implemented when there is only one tooth beside the missing tooth.

Finally, there are resin-bonded bridges. These bridges are typically porcelain and metal infused bridges that are bonded to the healthy teeth directly, instead of crowned.

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