Routine Exams & Cleanings in Holly Springs, NC

Routine dental exams and cleanings, coupled with consistent good oral hygiene practices, are your best defense against all dental issues. As part of preventative dentistry, regular cleanings and exams keep you from being surprised by cavities or other dental problems.

A routine exam will usually involve x-rays to make sure your teeth are healthy, with no cavities lurking. The x-rays also give your dentist a good look at the bones of your jaw and can indicate if there are any issues in the bones themselves. Your dental professional at Axial Dental in Holly Springs will perform a comprehensive visual exam of your teeth, gums, and mouth to make sure no lesions or suspicious growths are present. Oral cancers can strike anyone, and a yearly exam is a great way to make sure you’re not at risk.

Routine Cleaning & its Process

Routine cleanings involve your dental hygienist using an ultrasonic pick or drill to vibrate accumulations of tartar (solidified plaque) off your teeth. Smaller pieces of plaque are removed with a hand tool called a scalar. Tartar contributes to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Although brushing and flossing at home will keep most plaque from setting into tartar, any remaining solidified tartar must be removed by your dentist here at Axial Dental in Holly Springs.

Once your teeth are free from tartar, your dental hygienist will apply a gritty paste known as prophylaxis paste to your teeth. A powerful rotating brush then scrubs the paste all across your teeth, powering away stains. Next comes professional flossing. After rinsing thoroughly, your hygienist will apply fluoride varnish or gel to your teeth. This highly concentrated form of fluoride sinks into the tooth enamel, strengthening it.

Dental Cleaning and Exams Near You

A routine dental exam and cleaning take around an hour, with very little discomfort. Although the exam itself is usually painless, some people have some sensitivity in their gums and teeth for up to 24 hours after the cleaning. It’s due to increased blood flow to the tissues of the gums, which is exactly what should happen. This sensitivity passes, and you’ll be left with a fresh, clean mouth and healthy teeth.

For your own routine exam and cleaning, book an appointment with us at your Axial Dental in Holly Springs.

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