Nitrous Sedation at Axial Dental in Holly Springs, North Carolina

As part of our efforts to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures, we offer nitrous sedation at Axial Dental in Holly Springs, North Carolina.


Laughing Gas


Sedation dentistry allows patients to take medication before or during dental visits to make their visits completely stress free. Despite being referred to as “sleep dentistry,” most patients are awake throughout the procedure. Nitrous sedation is not intended to make you unconscious. You will still be able to hear and heed directions from your dentist. Laughing gas is a safe sedative meant to make dental visits comfortable. It is a colorless, odorless gas combined with oxygen for dental procedures. The sedative is administered through a mask that fits over your nose, and patients say that it has a mild sweet smell. If anxiety or fear is stopping you from coming to the dentist or staying comfortable, nitrous oxide may be an effective way of keeping that fear or anxiety at bay.


Taking laughing gas is also a good option for patients who are undergoing more complicated dental procedures. Unlike other forms of sedation, laughing gas wears away within minutes of the mask being removed. At the end of the sedation, the flow of nitrous oxide is lowered to zero, and oxygen is increased to clear out your system. This allows you to return to your daily routine almost immediately.


Sedation dentistry alleviates pain and anxiety. It can also be used for those who fear needles and IVs since it is inhaled through a mask. Most patients do not remember their procedures in their entirety. Those who can remember their procedures state that they have felt tingly, euphoric, a feeling like one is floating, and drowsiness.


Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide lessens anxiety, but it is not a substitute for anesthetics. Some procedures may require anesthetics to be injected, but most can be done under both anesthetics and nitrous oxide.


If anxiety is keeping you out of the dental chair, Axial dental has the solution for you. Call our Holly Springs dental office today to schedule an appointment or ask questions about our different sedation techniques.

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